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I like to stretch myself musically, and on this particular track I sat down to record an emo sounding song. I wanted it to be within that genre, but to have an inspiring uplifting sound.

In addition to challenging myself to compose a song in a new genre, I also recorded my first backwards guitar track. This trick was made popular by many bands of the 60's and 70's including The Beatles. It's easier than it sounds. It doesn't require actually playing the guitar backwards. The trick is to play the song backwards while recording the guitar solo over this backwards sound. Once this is done, the song is flipped back around and you're left with the guitar playing right along with the song, but with that backwards sound; you know, where it sounds like the instrument's sound is being sucked right back into the speaker?


from Soulflier, released June 1, 2013



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Soulflier Beijing, China

Ambient, evocative, reflective, organic, are terms often used to describe the sound of Soulflier. Doug McGee, lead singer and front man for Eluvia, created Soulflier as an outlet for this decidedly non folk-rock music.
Straying into territory occupied by bands like Moby, Massive Attack, Boards of Canada, and Radiohead, Soulflier blends glitchy electronica with organic folk sensibilities.
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