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I'm not a fan of pigeonholing artists into particular genres. I find it extremely limiting. Finding your style is good, but it doesn't need to be controlled and caged by a genre. With that being said, as much as I dislike genres, they are a necessary evil. People want to know what you sound like before they will come to a concert, or buy a CD. I like to keep it general and simple. With my other band, Eluvia, we are just "Rock". It's simple and easy. Some people get overly carried away with trying to define their music labeling themselves things like electropsypoptriphop, and so on. I just don't find that too useful. Defining Soulflier has been a lot more complex.

I am a guitarist first. I also play drums, percussion, various Asian flutes, piano, and the didgeridoo. When I started approaching electronic composition, I wanted to create electronic music that lived and breathed, just like the other music I play on my real world instruments.

Organica is a term Josh Kidwell and I coined to describe electronic synth based music that lives, breathes, and moves like it were a real instrument. So much of electronic music sounds static and stale. Organica is a desire to marry and infuse electronic music with movement and texture; to give it life.


from Soulflier, released June 1, 2013



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Soulflier Beijing, China

Ambient, evocative, reflective, organic, are terms often used to describe the sound of Soulflier. Doug McGee, lead singer and front man for Eluvia, created Soulflier as an outlet for this decidedly non folk-rock music.
Straying into territory occupied by bands like Moby, Massive Attack, Boards of Canada, and Radiohead, Soulflier blends glitchy electronica with organic folk sensibilities.
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